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Sustainability Statement

Welcome aboard Autumn Dahlia Creative Services –

where creativity blooms hand in hand with our profound love for Mother Earth and our commitment to social consciousness. As a branding studio rooted in social consciousness and humanity, we recognize our unique position to champion environmental stewardship, leaving a legacy of positivity for future generations.

At Autumn Dahlia, we’re not just on the sustainability bandwagon, we’re in the driver’s seat. We tirelessly ensure our business operations and our clients’ designs exude our environmentally responsible ethos. Expect nothing less than eco-sound advice for your print or packaging design, maintaining integrity for your brand and our planet. Rest assured, our print partners align with our convictions, and our decisions are informed by the latest sustainability initiatives, courtesy of the IPCC, Project Drawdown, and the United Nations. We’ve got your back, and Earth’s too.

Our eco-dedication permeates every detail of our work. From choosing paper stocks backed by trusted supply chains such as FSC and Ancient Forest Alliance to preferring recycled or unconventional materials like sugar cane, hemp, straw, or seed paper when 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) recycled stock isn’t an option. 

We’re not just carbon footprint conscious, we’re carbon footprint detectives. We opt for inks and coatings with minimal to zero VOC emissions, keeping the air we breathe as clean as possible. We recommend avoiding plastic coatings unless absolutely necessary, and when they are, we seek out recyclable or biodegradable alternatives. 

Supporting local businesses is our jam. We strive to minimize carbon emissions by opting for local printers when feasible. And if you’re connecting with us remotely, don’t worry – we will ensure that we collaborate with partners that uphold our high sustainability standards.

Our design philosophy isn’t just a one-off affair. We embrace a holistic perspective, considering an item’s lifecycle from conception to reincarnation. Expect digital alternatives when suitable and design outputs that can be easily recycled or repurposed. We aim to create aesthetically pleasing solutions that also put people and the planet first. 

Autumn Dahlia is more than a branding studio – it’s a sanctuary for like-minded socially conscious people and businesses, driven by a passion for a greener tomorrow. We flatly reject greenwashing tactics and companies that play a part in harming our planet, its inhabitants, and human welfare. We extend an open invitation to join us in our commitment to green practices and ethical business conduct.

Thank you for considering Autumn Dahlia Creative Services. We’re excited to create a brand with you that defies the ordinary, brims with sustainability, and is conscious of its societal impacts. May Autumn Dahlia fill your world with creativity, abundance, and joy!

Sarah Goodell

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