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Client: Plantroom – Plants and Home Decor

Package: Brand to Bloom, Social Sprout, Seedling to Shelf

Deliverables: Visual Branding, Social Strategy, Social Template Design, Tag and Bag Design

Keywords: Sustainable, Raw, Oasis.

Portfolio - Plantroom

the brand

Soon to be unfurling in the heart of Ironwood, Michigan, the Plantroom beckons a verdant revolution, one that champions not only aesthetic appeal but also embraces the raw ethos of environmental stewardship. Spearheaded by the passionate visionary, Tricia, this burgeoning oasis of plants and home decor brings a fresh, conscious edge to the local retail landscape.

Portfolio - Plantroom

Logo + Color Palette

Portfolio - Plantroom

Patterns + Icons

Portfolio - Plantroom

Sub Mark Suite

Portfolio - Plantroom

Design Examples


Rooted deeply in principles of sustainability, the Plantroom strives to leave no footprint, blossoming as a beacon of zero waste and earth-friendly practices. It’s a vibrant testament that green can indeed be gorgeous, that conscious consumerism need not sacrifice style for sustainability.

Portfolio - Plantroom

About the Project

Marking a pivotal moment in its growth, the Plantroom has recently undergone an inspiring transformation. With the magic touch of Autumn Dahlia, known for her flair in branding experiences, a remarkable metamorphosis was achieved within the whirlwind span of just a week. This VIP Experience lent Plantroom a distinctive visual appeal that’s as enchanting as the unique flora and decor it houses.

At the crossroads of nature’s beauty and thoughtful design, the Plantroom stands tall, a testament to Tricia’s vision of creating spaces that both celebrate and conserve the world we live in. From Ironwood, it sends a gentle, green ripple across the vast waters of Michigan, beckoning plant enthusiasts and home decor aficionados to step into a world where nature meets nurture.

Portfolio - Plantroom

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