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Is There a Single-Use Plastic Lurking in Your Pocket?

Single-use plastics plague our planet, and one of the most unsuspected culprits are business cards. Boasting a sleek and sophisticated soft-touch matte coating, these cards may look professional, but they hide a sinister secret – they contribute significantly to the plastic pollution problem.

This soft-touch matte coating is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a soft, pliable plastic that’s anything but eco-friendly. As it’s not biodegradable, TPU can take centuries to decompose, causing long-lasting damage to our environment.

At networking events, we exchange business cards without a second thought to their environmental impact. But when discarded, these cards often end up in landfills, natural environments, or even our oceans, where they take centuries to break down or are mistaken for food by marine animals, causing harm or even death. These seemingly innocent cards are essentially single-use plastics.

As responsible consumers, it’s our duty to make informed choices about the products we use and their environmental repercussions. One alternative to the soft-touch matte coating on business cards is recyclable and biodegradable paper-based cards. There are a variety of alternative paper stocks that create eco-friendly business cards, such as post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled paper. Made from recycled materials and recyclable after use, PCW paper reduces waste and the need for virgin materials while also conserving energy and water in the paper-making process.

Hemp paper is another sustainable option. As a fast-growing plant requiring less water and pesticides than other crops, hemp produces a durable paper that outlasts traditional options. By choosing hemp paper business cards, you’re minimizing the environmental impact of the paper industry while supporting a high-quality, sustainable product.

Straw paper, made from agricultural waste like wheat or rice straw, and seed papers, crafted from recycled paper pulp embedded with seeds, also offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional paper stocks. By opting for these innovative materials, you’re not only reducing waste but also promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Knowing better means doing better, and there are undoubtedly better alternatives to single-use plastics. By making the switch to eco-friendly business cards, you can make a difference and contribute to a sustainable future.

Do you want to know more about alternative paper stock options for your next project? Send us an email or DM Sarah on Instagram @autumndahliacreations to chat!

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