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Disposable Autumn Decor: Spillin’ the Tea

Bunch of Autumn Dahlia Flowers

The Real Tea on Disposable Autumn Decor

Look, I get it. Faux spider webs and disposable plates might seem like a quick and easy way to get into the Autumn celebratory spirit, but let’s call it what it is—lazy and damaging. Those spider webs? They can be death traps for owls and birds migrating in the colder months. In 2022, more than 148 million people planned to carve a pumpkin for a portion of their Halloween festivities.[1] This means millions of dollars are spent on them yearly, only to be discarded just a few days after Halloween. These carved pumpkins create harmful methane gas as they decompose. Methane is a greenhouse gas. Compared to carbon dioxide, it warms the atmosphere in a shorter time, a particularly potent contributor to climate change.[2]  An estimated 1.3 billion pounds of carved pumpkins rot in landfills yearly. We’re talking billions of pounds of pumpkins rotting in landfills and contributing to the climate crisis and heaps of plastic crap hurting wildlife and cluttering our homes and the planet. We can do better.

So, What’s the Game-Changing Alternative?

Ditch the disposables, and let’s glam up your autumn vibe with some sustainable swagger. Trust me, you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Get creative, and you’ll find that eco-friendly stuff isn’t just “nice”—it’s freakin’ fabulous.

Crafty AF: The DIY Route

Why buy when you can DIY? Got some old cans or jars? Hit ’em with eco-friendly some badass fall colors, and boom; you’ve got a vase. Those fallen leaves outside? Perfect for a DIY ghost garland. It’s not just about reducing waste; it’s about flexing those creative muscles and making something unique.

Thrift Is the New Black

If DIY isn’t your jam, thrift stores are like gold mines for sustainable treasures. And hell yeah, it’s a win-win: you save money and keep stuff out of landfills. Many thrift stores support kickass community programs, so it’s like a triple win.

Upcycling: Because Old Shit Can Be New Shit

Got some old clothes? Stuff ’em, shape ’em, and you’ve got some fabric pumpkins. Old becomes new, and you look like a genius. It’s also a great way to make memories and start traditions that don’t involve a plastic trash bag.

Composting: The Circle of (Sustainable) Life

Pumpkins, gourds, straw—why toss ’em when you can compost ’em? It’s like giving Mother Earth a little nutrient-packed gift. And if you’re cooking with your pumpkins, even better! From pies to seeds, there’s a smorgasbord of options.

Donations: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

If you’re not composting, at least consider donating. Farms and animal shelters could use stuff like straw bales and corn stalks. And if you can’t compost, find someone who can. It’s like community service but for the planet.

Go Au Naturale

Leaves, twigs, pinecones—nature’s decor is in your backyard. The earth says, “Here, take this, make something beautiful.” So why the hell not?

Alright, eco-fierce fam, you’re now armed with the insider info to take your fall decor from traditional plastic trash to sustainably fab—while giving the planet a little love. So get your hands dirty, and let’s make this fall season sustainably stunning!

So you’ve got the lowdown on how to turn your fall decor into a sustainable showcase, but what about your brand? Is it living up to its eco-potential? Is it as audacious, unapologetic, and game-changing as you want? If you’re shrugging your shoulders or shaking your head, let’s fix that shit.

I’m offering a FREE Brand Audit to help you assess where you’re at and catapult you to where you deserve to be. We’ll dig deep into your brand strategy, design, and social responsibility so you can level up in an impactful and downright revolutionary way.

Ready to change the game? I know I am. Let’s do this. ??

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take that first bold step together and make your brand and the planet freakin’ awesome. Click to book a complimentary Creative Jam Session.

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