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Sustainability Commitment

Welcome aboard Autumn Dahlia Creative Services – where creativity blooms hand in hand with our profound love for Mother Earth and our commitment to social consciousness.

 As a branding studio rooted in social consciousness and humanity, we recognize our unique position to champion environmental stewardship, leaving a legacy of positivity for future generations.

Read our Full Sustainability Statement Here >


White logo for the company Our Forest, a reforestation and biodiversity company that Autumn Dahlia partners with
Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Commitment
One tree planted logo

Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Commitment



Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Commitment
Sustainability Commitment

Our Carbon Footprint 2022

What is a carbon footprint? We’ve all heard the term, but let’s break it down, no fluff. A carbon footprint is the tally of all the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) you, your cat, or your business churn out, directly or indirectly. We’re talking about everything from flicking on a light switch to shipping your favorite snack across the globe.

Our 2022 Results: We’ve teamed up with the eco-gurus over at Greenly to take a microscope to our entire operation. Yep, we’ve been diggin’ deep into our supply chain, our daily ops, and even our tea consumption—because we’re dead set on knowing exactly how much carbon we’re pumping into the atmosphere.

Reducing Our Emissions

We’ve looked at every damn facet of Autumn Dahlia—no stone unturned. Why? So we can put real numbers on our emissions and, more importantly, set legitimate goals to shrink that footprint. We’re talking actionable, meaningful change here, friends.

Our energy-related emissions were the major league offender. But are we throwing our hands up in defeat? Hell no! We’re not just flipping off the lights when we leave a room; we’re rethinking the whole energy equation: more efficient systems, smarter practices, the works. We are 100% committed to knocking down those energy-emission numbers, and we’re not stopping there! We’ve reduced food waste significantly and kicked off a composting game plan. Let’s be honest: every little bit counts when you progress toward a greener tomorrow.

Our commitment to the environment isn’t just some fancy copy on our page; it’s our promise to you and our planet.

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