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Client: Fierce – Lingerie Line

Package: Brand to Bloom, Social Sprout, Seedling to Shelf

Deliverables: Visual Branding, Social Strategy, Social Template Design, Tag and Bag Design

Keywords: Affordable, Body Positive, Affirming, Bold.

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the brand

Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible allure of Fierce, an empowering lingerie line that redefines the very essence of sexy. Built upon the foundation of affordability, body positivity, and unapologetic boldness, Fierce embraces the belief that true sexiness emanates from within.

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Logo + Color Palette

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Patterns + sub Marks

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Design Examples


Step into a world where boldness reigns supreme, where self-expression knows no boundaries, and where timelessness is etched into every thread. Fierce, the epitome of audacity and grace, beckons you to embrace your inner allure and unleash the untamed fire that burns within.

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TEMPLATE: Portfolio - client Name Here

About the Project

In response to the creative brief’s siren call, Autumn Dahlia, embarked on a journey to bestow upon Fierce a comprehensive transformation.

With unwavering dedication, we crafted a breathtaking logo suite that would become the emblem of strength and confidence. Hang tags and subscription box design served as enchanting portals, enticing admirers to unlock the treasures concealed within. Behold, the unrivaled expertise of Autumn Dahlia’s Brand to Bloom package, where dreams took root and flourished. But that was just the beginning!

Our Seedling to Shelf eco-friendly package design bloomed with an ethereal beauty, intertwining sustainability and elegance in a harmonious dance. And let us not forget the power of our Sprout social media package, igniting a wildfire of engagement and establishing an everlasting connection with a fiercely devoted community.

TEMPLATE: Portfolio - client Name Here

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